EPHI is known for her creative approach and speed in the development of products and systems in the industrial, medical, consumer and automation sector. In the past years we have built a strong relationship with local and international partners and suppliers in order to provide our clients the optimal solution.

EPHI has two divisions a dedicated automation division and a product development division.

EPHI Automation

Our automation division designs and engineers end-of-line systems for the packaging industry and internal transportation systems. Besides off-the-shelf systems, we also develop specific solutions such as embedded systems, robotics tooling and machine adaptation.

EPHI Development

EPHI Development is our full product engineering and design division. Our mix of mechanical, electronics and product design professionals will make your ideas into a success. EPHI's full service development track will allow us to take care of both your logistics and production challenges.

We do not design for the client, we design with the client for the end-user.

Our team of professional experts in the field of technology will be able to help your company achieve outstanding products and systems within a fast time-line.

Full product development

Mechatronics solutions

Embedded systems

Product design