EPHI Development provides a range of services for aiding your design and engineering challenges in the industrial, consumer, medical and electronics markets. Together with our production partners we are able to deliver full service development tracks taking care of logistics and production of your products in the process.

Product Design & Prototyping

Our product design services will aid you in the process of getting your ideas to the market. We will aid with 3D modelling in the early and prototyping in the later stages.

With our creative and positive approach, we believe that anything is possible, we are not shy of new technology and production methods that help strengthen our clients' business-case.

Industrialization & Production

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers is able to bring the conceptual design to the next level by making it a high quality, cost efficient and production ready design.

With our in-house production capabilities and together with our partners, we are making it possible to facilitate the production of your brand new product in low as well as high volumes.

Full service development

We offer full-service development taking you through the whole product design and engineer process all the way to industrialization and production. Together with our clients, we turn market potential into market solutions, making our client's business stronger and well adapted to the world of technology. As a one-stop shop you can contact us regardless of the process you are currently in, we believe that we can be an added value in any stage.