The Journey

EPHI was founded by 4-man team of technology experts, with several years of experience in the design, development and production of product solutions in the industrial, automation, consumer and educational market. Starting as a product design firm, we have grown into your local partner for electronics, mechatronics and product design services to aid you in your journey to success.

The Team

To feed our need for solutions in the product development and automation divisions we have built a strong team of design and engineering professionals, ambitious to take your product ideas to the next level. Our flexible approach made it so that every project group has experts in all fields, so that a well-though solution is guaranteed. Our engineers are talented university graduates and experienced well-taught professionals. In the end we all have one thing in common, "the drive to make your business thrive".

Careers at EPHI

EPHI is constantly looking for new talent to join our team. We have both full-time positions and part-time positions you can apply for. Our recruitment process is very simple, you can apply on one of the open vacancies or impress us with an open application if you have what it takes. You can apply for a job at here.

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EPHI Development | Application Developer

EPHI Development | Mechatronics Engineer

Internships | Industrial Designer

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